Timetooth engineering experts have been stretching the envelope of the CAE technology over the years. The numerous papers published in peer reviewed journals and conferences around the world stands testimonial to the position of the expertise.

You can tap this expertise to develop a custom software solution specific to your product. This custom software is built with your needs and resources in mind and can be orders of magnitude faster / cost effective compared to adapting generic, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) CAE software. Timetooth has executed this for various industries. It is best to evaluate your options before deciding on a COTS solution.

In addition, Timetooth also offers to execute custom automation of client's design / CAE processes. The custom software can be built to automate and link a larger set of computer aided product development processes across various commercial software platforms, statistical tools, material / component databases, and physical testing data.

The custom software can be embedded as a part of larger commercial software or can be independently executable.