Too often, CAE planning begins and ends with software budgets. Yet CAE Driven Product Development goes far beyond access to software. In OEMs from the Aerospace and Automotive Industries, CAE processes have evolved through decades of effort, benchmarking, and large scale data gathering. Unfortunately this experience is often not accessible to suppliers and OEMs in other industries.

For those wanting to rapidly build in-house Engineering teams with cutting edge skills, Timetooth offers a Technology Transfer model of engagement. Timetooth's cross-industry and cross-domain experience supports your engineering team to quickly rise on the sharper part of the learning curve of CAE Driven Product Development.

Instead of classroom lectures, TimeTooth believes in "learning by doing". Projects are executed by your team under the safe guidance of Timetooth specialists to quickly gain confidence, develop and validate your own proprietary processes, and maximally utilize your investment in CAE hardware and software. In addition, robust knowledge retention processes are taught so that these hard learned skills stay within the organization through the vicissitudes of time.