The core strength of TimeTooth is its high quality of engineering modeling and simulations support for product development. The services can be leveraged by clients in product conceptualization, prediction/validation of performance, abuse situation study or field issue resolution.

Timetooth uses a selection of industry standard COTS simulation software, as well as a rich library of proprietary software codes and customized open source solutions.

The basket of service offerings include:

CAD: 3D Modeling and Assembly (2D to 3D) CAE: Multibody System Dynamics & Controls
CAD: 2D Drawings and Drafting (3D to 2D) CAE: Durability Analysis
CAE: FE Modeling and Meshing CAE: Noise and Vibrations Response Management
CAE: Linear Static and Modal FEA CAE: Impact Energy Management
FIDA: Field Instrumented Data Acquisitions CAE: Non-linear Transient FEA
  CAE: Computational Fluid Dynamics & Heat Transfer
  CAE: Multiphysics System Simulation
  CAE: Multi-disciplinary Optimization
  VR: Virtual Reality Simulations
  FSI: Fluid Structure Interactions
  CAD: Styling and A-Class Surfacing
  Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Service
  DFMEA, FMEA, Reliability Studies