About Us
Timetooth is an Engineering Solutions company born-and-brought-up to develop new products that stretch the envelope of functional performance. At the heart of Timetooth’s processes is Simulation Driven Engineering. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) is leveraged concurrently during development to rapidly explore the design space and arrive at optimal, first time right products that become a key competitive advantage of the clients.

TimeTooth's solutions include,
Developing new engineering-performance-intensive products,
Engineering analyses for performance prediction and validation of customer designs,
Engineering Solutions - Weight Optimization, Performance and Cost Optimization, Field failure issue resolution and more,
Developing new methods and tools of optimal product development.

In the engineering services segment, TimeTooth is pioneering an Outcome Based business model, particularly for low volume special purpose products and systems. With complete responsibility sharing by TimeTooth, clients can forget the challenges of design, sourcing, testing, certifications, etc. and focus on what is most important to product end-customers.

Timetooth is young and growing! Major Indian and International clients’ continue to invest their trust here since the TimeTooth team is easily able to integrate with the client’s engineering team and partner for the complete product life cycle.
The Spirit of TimeTooth:

Timetooth Technologies aims to :

Provide elegant and optimal engineering solutions to help each of its clients gain strategic competitive advantage
Engineer products which not only stretch the envelope of current state-of-the-art, but also create positive societal and environmental impact
Allow Indian industry to remove the adjective 'Foreign' when describing a 'Technology Partner'
Allow global companies to look at India for best-in-class engineering solutions, beyond cost arbitrage
Provide opportunities for passionate engineers-at-heart to really just be engineers-by-profession!

The name TimeTooth originates from a landmark mountain "Tooth of Time", known to hiking enthusiasts for perennially providing guidance to brave travelers in all weathers on long and arduous journeys. In spirit, Timetooth Technologies aims to be such a landmark in the Engineering Solutions landscape of the world.
engineered in india
The Techno Engineer's Culture

Powered by technology, driven by savvy passionate engineers, led by Technocrats and guided by industry veterans, Timetooth culture is fast becoming the ideal pasture for all members of the engineering tribe.

Lean operations, with intense focus on core competence, ensures that the Timetooth culture empowers the team to provide elegant solutions to engineering challenges. Supported by state-of-the-art engineering tools and computing infrastructure the team strives to achieve perfection, elegance and beauty in the solutions it proudly provides.

The features of the work culture include :

Passion for engineering
Healthy disregard for the impossible
Autonomy to Engineering Teams
Horizontal Collaboration

The pleasure and pride is primarily derived from the products designed by all members of the tribe.

The rapidly growing client list, primarily resulting via referrals, and the effusive praise showered by them is testimonial to the quality of solutions provided by the TimeTooth team. On the other hand, the gravitation force of such a techno engineering culture coupled with a minimalist-management-policy attracts the cream of self-driven engineering talent to this haven.

Born: First Innings of Timetooth

Is there a business in applying math modelling to engineering & product Design? Do we have a raison-d'etre beyond cost arbitrage? The founding team is gathered from India, USA & Europe, & we get going.
Yes, we can!

Learnt to Walk. Young engineering team built. Our first customer files for patent based on design developed at Timetooth.
Not just Cars

Timetooth founders are from automotive / ground vehicles industries, but we are successfully contributing to Indian Defence Research, Hydro-electric Power, Bulk Material Handling, and Oil & Gas industries.
"Proof of Concept" to an "Organization"

Scaling up through capital infusion, First round external funding, and hiring direct from top engineering college campuses in India - a popular choice at campus placement!
Our Income comes after your Outcome

Delivered our first "Product" - conceptualized, designed, built, third-party tested and integrated by Timetooth with "first time right" and complete customer satisfaction.
Getting Bolder

Set up Timetooth teams within customer's design and R&D divisions for full Product Life Cycle Support. Research & Development executed through 'Onsite-Offshore' model!
TimeTooth Aeronautics

Chosen as vendor-partner in the RUSTOM II program. Design, Build, Supply critical functional subsystems with FAR & MIL standards and CEMILAC certification.
Space, the final frontier? OR Global Environmental Impact Engineering?

Watch this SPACE!