Engine Manifold CAE Driven Design:
Meet steep targets for acceleration levels at specific frequencies with tight manufacturability constraints on design solutions
Frequency response analysis and design optimization done to stiffen the system via judicious design modifications and ribs
Simple design solutions helped exceed performance targets
Crane Design & Development:
CAE driven design development of highest capacity on-road pick-and-carry crane for Stability and Strength
Developed design led to increase in load-handling and prototype tested with high correlation with predicted results.
Design Patent filed, manufacturing commenced and product is working in the field today.
Tractor Vibrations Performance Design:
Design modification of an existing agricultural tractor to improve the vibration performance of the system for increase in user comfort
Detailed Data measurement and benchmarking done, leading to a CAE driven Modal alignment and management process
Design optimization done to achieve improved frequency response for given engine excitation
Flexible Linear Shaped Charge Shock Prediction:
Explosive used to cut solid material designed and simulated
Advanced Fluid Structure Interaction simulations (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics) leveraged for capturing the explosion and cutting physics to help design the size position and quantity of charge for efficient cutting of target plates
Design of Vibrations Isolation Scheme:
Development of an isolation scheme for a Special purpose combustor which induces significant vibrations on a mobile trailer
Mathematical System identification simulations combined with Flexible Multidboy Dynamics and FEA based frequency response studies leveraged to arrive at an optimal vibration isolation scheme
System deployed with the scheme successfully and targets achieved